Task 10.3

Task 10.1: Coordination of the WP
Task 10.2: Dissemination & exploitation plan
Task 10.3: Strengthening the JERICO-RI identity: Building a common message 
Task 10.4: Strengthening the community through skill development and knowledge transfer 
Task 10.5: Maximising the visibility of the JERICO-RI

Strengthening the JERICO-RI identity: Building a common message

M1-48 (Lead: COVARTEC; Partners: IH, IFREMER, BLIT)

Subtask 10.3.1: From a Communication Plan to a Communication Policy (M1-M48)

A communication plan (CP) will be elaborated in order to ensure an optimal information flow between WPs within the project, as well as setting-up optimal channels and procedures for communication outside the project (D10.2). The communication plan will be updated on an annual basis (MS 10.3, 10.8, 10.14) and will support the implementation of the dissemination and exploitation plan. Key elements of the CP will be, among other, (1) Procedure and rules for communication on JERICO-RI (key messages to targeted users, and specific acknowledgements); (2)  the regular/continuous provision of information and news from all WPs to be exploited for internal communication within the consortium and securing a high level of knowledge on progress by all partners; (3) a continuous overview on conferences, events and meetings attended by project partners for better planning, coordination and optimal representations of JERICO-S3; (4) map of communication channels to be used towards specific stakeholders and target groups, based on previous and new experience on what is expected from stakeholders.

Subtask 10.3.2: Building a common message (M1-24)

Common statements of the JERICO-RI Mission, Value and Vision, but also those specific to each regions of the structuring JERICO-RI will be disseminated. This activity will be supported by the yearly All-Region Workshops, during which these internal key messages will be presented, discussed and agreed upon  before their final edition. This task will produce communication material such as leaflet and brochure introducing key communication messages to be promoted as a common view of the JERICO-RI identity, RI structuration and its way forward (MS 10.4, M24).


Task 10.3 – D10.2: Communication Plan (M6)