Task 1.4

Task 1.1: Coordination and dissemination
Task 1.2: Approach to maximise the scientific and societal relevance of the JERICO-RI through integrated innovative monitoring
Task 1.3: Long-term vision for the JERICO-RI
Task 1.4: Next generation European coastal observing system

Next generation European coastal observing system

M12-M48 (Lead: CNRS, Partners: COV, AZTI, Hereon, IFREMER, SOCIB, HCMR, EuroGOOS). Consolidate the JERICO-RI Science strategy by integrating lessons learned from JERICO-S3 monitoring approach (Task1.2) and the prospection conducted as part of the vision analysis (Task 1.3) into a consistent prospective strategy for the observation of the European coastal and shelf seas and will deliver the scientific and technical basis of the future JERICO-RI.

Subtask 1.4.1 – Synthesis of WP1 elements, including knowledge gain from PSSs and IRSs, technology developments and outcomes from tasks 1.2 and 1.3, will be carried out and gathered into recommendations for innovative monitoring approaches, targeted to tackle specific scientific questions and societal challenges. Recommendations will be elaborated concerning the enrichment of the set of variables for improving the continuous observation of key regional and pan-European ecosystem processes with a special focus on EOVs. This will contribute to increase the relevance of JERICO-RI data for the elaboration of user-targeted products and services.

Subtask 1.4.2 – Science strategy of the JERICO-RI. Integrating the previous findings into a prospective for observing the coastal and shelf-seas ecosystems and their pressure (DPSIR approach), including recommendations for the implementation of the coastal observation system of systems of the future. Outcomes of task 1.4 will be presented in form of a prospective strategy for the JERICO-RI, in deliverable D1.5.


Task1.4-D1.5 (M48): JERICO-RI Scientific Strategy (Report).