JERICO-DS: Task 7.3

Task 7.1: Day To Day management
Task 7.2: Common workshop organisation: General assembly
Task 7.3: Committees
Task 7.4: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 7.5: Promoting ethics, environmental and safety guidelines within the JERICO-RI
Task 7.6: Representation of JERICO-RI in EU and International meetings

Task 7.3: Committees

(M1-M36), (Ifremer)

Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC). Three STAC meetings will be jointly organised with JERICO-S3 project. No funding is requested in JERICO-DS for the STAC. It involves members external to the project to avoid any conflict of interest. Its membership will be the same than for JERICO-S3 and will be mentioned in the Consortium Agreement.

Steering Committee (SC): The committee is gathering WP leaders to steer the implementation of the work according to the planned actions. Six Steering Committees meetings will be held during the project: one every 6 months (3 of them will be side-events of the JERICO-DS GA and the 3 others will be side-events of the JERICO-S3 weeks, to reduce the travel costs). Thus only the cost of 3 SC meetings will be funded on JERICODS. In addition, Virtual SC meetings will be led monthly by the coordination to follow up the project progress and mitigate any problems in due time.

JERICO Label committee is composed of two WGs: the Research Excellence Group and the Data and Operation Group. After JERICO-NEXT, it is composed of 16 persons/institutions. The Label committee follows up on WP1 for science, WP2 for technology and WP3 for data harmonisation procedures. Then exchanges and feedbacks are funnelled to Task 5.4 WP5 led by CNR.

Nations Committee (NC). Chairperson: EuroGOOS (EU), France: ILICO (Ifremer and/or CNRS), Germany: COSYNA (HEREON), Finland: FINMARI (SYKE), Greece: POSEIDON (HCMR), Spain: SOCIB (SOCIB), Norway (IMR), Italy (CNR), Croatia (IRB), Ireland: EIROOS (MI), Belgium (RBINS), Portugal (IH), Sweden (SMHI), Netherland (RWS) and Estonia (Taltech). Members of this committee will be nominated in the Consortium Agreement. Their role is to represent nations in the discussions and actions led in JDS. Specific meetings will be held every 6 months. In addition, the coordination will invite representatives of coastal observing form UK, Denmark, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria to attend yearly meetings of nations during the KO meeting, GA1 and GA2. The Nations Committee will be kept informed of our progress thanks to the task related to efficient communication in WP6 (T6.3).

JERICO-User Committee (JUC) This committee will be organised under JERICO-S3 and includes user representatives who will be consulted to give feedback on both services delivered by JERICO-S3 TNA and VA actions. We will take this opportunity to present the design under elaboration by JDS to the JUC to take on board recommendations and advice. No funding will be requested for the JUC in JDS as the purpose of citing this committee here is to highlight the methodology of progressing on the best possible design.