JERICO-DS: Task 7.2

Task 7.1: Day To Day management
Task 7.2: Common workshop organisation: General assembly
Task 7.3: Committees
Task 7.4: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 7.5: Promoting ethics, environmental and safety guidelines within the JERICO-RI
Task 7.6: Representation of JERICO-RI in EU and International meetings

Task 7.2: Common workshop organisation: General assembly

(M1-M36), (Ifremer)

This task will coordinate the organisation of the 4 JERICO-DS workshops synchronised to the General Assembly meetings (GA) M1, M13, M25, M36. Hereon will co-organise the first GA meeting as a Kick-Off meeting (GA#1, M1), RBINS will co-organise the GA#2 (M13), and DELTARES will co-organise the GA#3 (M25). Ifremer will co-organise the 3 first ones and organise the final one, GA#4 (M36). These JERICO-DS GA will be the place to report the project achievements and next steps with regards to the contract, take decisions with the consortium, share results, and discuss scientific approaches. In addition, three 1-day JERICO-DS Meetings (M7, M19, M31) will be organised by and synchronised with the JERICO-S3 GAs to save travel budget. These JERICO-DS 1-Day meetings will be the place for a ½ day steering committee and ½ day workshop related to Work Packages when needed.