JERICO-DS: Task 6.4

Task 6.1: Project Communication
Task 6.2: Engaging with Users
Task 6.3: Engaging with selected Stakeholders
Task 6.4: Maximising visibility and society impacts
Task 6.5:  Communication KPIs

Task 6.4 Maximising visibility and society impacts


Task 6.4 will built on the JERICO-RI web page and channels of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) implemented in JERICO-S3 to maximise the visibility directed to Nations. The work will consist in the translation of JERICO-RI webpage to national languages (D6.1, M26 involving the National representatives), and to develop the long-term perspective linked to the evolution of these communications channels and the rising of new vehicles potentiating the RI visibility.

Task 6.4 will also design the broad dissemination of e-JERICO, publicising the wide access to data and products provided by the e-platform. This task will also identify the most efficient communication strategy to engage with society in general, exploring the full potential of JERICO-RI to raise societal awareness about the coastal ocean environment and the threats it faces and to develop in the young generations of Europe the interest in Marine Sciences and Technologies. This will be developed in particular by

(a) Identifying new choices for informative and didactic material offered in the JERICO-RI web page.

(b) Engaging with Governmental Initiatives in the Educational area through one case study that will explore the interaction of JERICO-RI and young scholars and that will be used to shape future engagements with these initiatives at Pan-European level, reinforcing the Government engagement and support to JERICO-RI (M6.6, M28).


  • T6.4-D6.1: JERICO-RI web page translated to national languages (M26, IH).