JERICO-DS: Task 6.3

Task 6.1: Project Communication
Task 6.2: Engaging with Users
Task 6.3: Engaging with selected Stakeholders
Task 6.4: Maximising visibility and society impacts
Task 6.5:  Communication KPIs

Task 6.3 Engaging with selected Stakeholders


The work developed here will provide a case study for the communication strategy between JERICO-RI and the stakeholders to be developed and fine-tuned during the implementation phase of the ESFRI roadmap.

The targeted stakeholders in this task will be:

(a) National Structures (e.g. governments, environmental agencies, local authorities…), key stakeholders to support the implementation in the ESFRI roadmap.; the communication strategy and communication tools to be defined will aim to pass clear and convincing messages showing that a Pan-European JERICO-RI will promote key contributions to the national RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) agendas, to the national commitments associated with EU legislation (e.g. MSFD) or Regional Sea Conventions (e.g. HELCOM and OSPAR) or to national responses to crisis at sea. This work will be strongly linked with the work to be conducted in WP4.

(b) European Structures (European Commission, DGs, EOOS) for which the communication strategy should particularly emphasise the added value of implementing a Pan-European RI for the coastal ocean built from the combination of national efforts. A particular focus will be given to the communication strategy and tools required to promote articulation of JERICO-RI with EOOS (taking advantage of the work developed by JERICO-S3) and with the All Atlantic Cooperation for Ocean Research and innovation (AANChOR).

(c) International bodies (UN, OECD, GOOS, Belmont-Forum, WMO) and International Conventions (OSPAR, HELCOM, UNEP-MAP, Barcelona). A particular emphasis will be given to the interaction with GOOS, developing communication material that will put in evidence how JERICO-RI will contribute to the Decade and to the SDGs. Communication material aimed to engage with Regional Sea Conventions (OSPAR, HELCOM) will also be defined.

The outputs from Task 6.3 will be a specific communication plan directed to stakeholders (MS6.7, M32) which would integrated the Communication Plan of JERICO-RI (D6.2, M35) and specific communication tools to engage National Governments (MS6.4, M22).


  • T6.2, T6.3-D6.2: Communication strategy of the JERICO-RI (M35, IH).