JERICO-DS: Task 6.1

Task 6.1: Project Communication
Task 6.2: Engaging with Users
Task 6.3: Engaging with selected Stakeholders
Task 6.4: Maximising visibility and society impacts
Task 6.5:  Communication KPIs

Task 6.1 Project Communication

(M01 – M36) (IRB, IH, TALTECH)

  • Dissemination and exploitation plan of the project (M01 – M36) (IH, IRB, TALTECH)

This task will establish and periodically update the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan for the project, managing the dissemination and exploitation activities directed to the exterior. This to assure the internal regular and continuous flow of information and news from all WPs required to maintain a high level of knowledge on progress by all partners and identifying the optimal channels to be used in this internal dissemination. The activities developed here are taken as pilot actions for designing the communication strategy of the future RI.

MS6.1 at M12, M24 and M36: report on Dissemination and exploitation of knowledge will be used for annual assessment of progress made and revision of the Dissemination and Exploitation actions and targets.

  • Building a community engaged in a common Vision of the ESFRI roadmap (M01 – M32) (IRB, IH,

This task will develop the internal communication strategy required to build a strong cohesive community around the evolution towards ESFRI roadmap. Communication tools (e.g specific web page, dedicated newsletter, specific action in social media) will be defined to promote a broad information about ESFRI and the ESFRI call among the partners. The Design Study will also address how the internal communication should adapt to the evolution and changes that could be envisaged at the time scale of the decade in order to maintain that alignment of partners towards the ESFRI roadmap objectives. This task will include a training on the ESFRI methodology and expectations, covered by experts in the field. A Milestone short document MS6.3 will report the selected tool and its possible evolution according to the dynamics, as well as the training action at M14. Then the selected tool will be applied until the end of the project to keep the consortium informed about the ESFRI dynamics.