JERICO-DS: Task 5.5

Task 5.1: From the concept to the structure
Task 5.2: Relations with other Environmental RIs
Task 5.3: Study of Human resources and capacities
Task 5.4: Development of the JERICO label Committee to sustain the scientific research excellence framework of JERICO-RI
Task 5.5: Policy for sustaining excellence and performance
Tasks 5.6: Structuring of the legal entity and way forward
Tasks 5.7: Coordination and methodology of the WP5

Task 5.5: Policy for sustaining excellence and performance

(M1 – M29) (MI, EuroGOOS, SOCIB-AZTI)

  • To set up as a formal procedure for the development and endorsement of JERICO-RI Best Practices: the procedure will frame how practices developed in JERICO-RI will be peer reviewed and archived in the Ocean Best Practices (OBP) repository maintained by IODE, with which JERICO-RI already has existing linkages with. This will increase the availability of best practices to other RIs and ongoing initiatives in a capacity development context. JERICO-RI will also become a member of the Best Practices Task Team established under GOOS – strengthening the contribution of coastal observation to OBP.
  • The JERICO label will be further developed to implement the most recently agreed policies, including the data policy developed by EC supported JERICO-S3 with the Security policy and the Access policy of the eJERICO (WP3).
  • The task will link closely with WP1, 2 and 3 to identify, evaluate and synthesise the Core Impact
    Indicators and KPIs from the ESFRI Sustainability WG and OECD recommendations that the JERICO-RI design will incorporate into its different life cycle phases enabling effective performance monitoring as the RI develops. This will feed the roadmap for an operational RI.
  • In addition, specific attention will be given to propose a preliminary Terms of Reference related to equal opportunity, gender balance, ethical issues, and minimisation of carbon footprint. An outcome of this task will be a new version of the JERICO Label to include procedures for best practices, policies, KPIs and a Terms of Reference for environmental care, human consideration and ethics (ToR for good conduct) as deliverable D5.2.