JERICO-DS: Task 5.2

Task 5.1: From the concept to the structure
Task 5.2: Relations with other Environmental RIs
Task 5.3: Study of Human resources and capacities
Task 5.4: Development of the JERICO label Committee to sustain the scientific research excellence framework of JERICO-RI
Task 5.5: Policy for sustaining excellence and performance
Tasks 5.6: Structuring of the legal entity and way forward
Tasks 5.7: Coordination and methodology of the WP5

Task 5.2: Relations with other Environmental RIs


To apply the bidirectional approach set up in this project, Task 5.2 will consolidate the national visions on the dynamics of the RIs nations landscape by synthesising the commonalities, complementarities and gaps in the scientific case after the WP1 work, in the technical case after WP2&3, and in the business plan (WP4). Then this synthesis of long-term national visions will be compared to the top down approach from JERICO-S3. This process will be carried out in collaboration with EuroGOOS. As a main outcome, it will deliver a strategic synthetic document to co-construct JERICO-RI in the Landscape of environmental RIs: a first roadmap aiming at unifying these efforts and building a common coastal and marine EU RI/initiative will be identified.

Milestone MS5.2 (M12), which will feed the Deliverable 5.1.


  • T5.1+5.2 +5.3 D5.1: Report on the conceptual design model of JERICO-RI including structure, external relation and HR (M32)