JERICO-DS: Task 5.1

Task 5.1: From the concept to the structure
Task 5.2: Relations with other Environmental RIs
Task 5.3: Study of Human resources and capacities
Task 5.4: Development of the JERICO label Committee to sustain the scientific research excellence framework of JERICO-RI
Task 5.5: Policy for sustaining excellence and performance
Tasks 5.6: Structuring of the legal entity and way forward
Tasks 5.7: Coordination and methodology of the WP5

Task 5.1: From the concept to the structure


The focal point of this task is to integrate the conceptual design of the Hardware part (T2.1, D2.1) with the conceptual Design of the Software part (T3.3, D3.2) aiming for developing of a holistic conceptual model for the JERICO-RI from the sensors to the provision of information and service to users. This task proposes an operational structure to be generated at the level of the Central hub as well as defining the role of both the Technical Expert Centers (Hardware systems) as also the Thematic Expert Centers (Virtual systems). This will lead to the optimisation of the platform type and scientific topic led operations. This task will necessarily build upon systems already operational at the national level to design a distributed structure, and will draft the preliminary access modalities to the hardware part of the RI that will complement the preliminary access policy to the software part led in WP3.

This task will feed Deliverable D5.1: with the provision of a conceptual design model of JERICO-RI that will outline the organisation of the operations between the central hub and the expertise centers, the modalities of the access for users, and the involvements of nations systems. MS5.5 (M24) conceptual model drafted.


  • T5.1+5.2 +5.3 D5.1: Report on the conceptual design model of JERICO-RI including structure, external relation and HR (M32)