JERICO-DS: Task 4.5

Task 4.1: User and stakeholder strategy
Task 4.2: Design of national commitment framework
Task 4.3: Socio Economic Impact Assessment
Task 4.4: Design of Research Infrastructure Funding plan
Task 4.5: Financial Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy
Task 4.6: Business plan design for the JERICO-RI

Task 4.5: Financial Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy

(M30 – M34) (MI, EuroGOOS)

A defined and documented process for high level identification, analysis and acceptance, or mitigation, of uncertainty in JERICO-RI financial planning. Risk Assessment is the quantification of risks associated with the project in the face of recognized threats that can damage the project. A clearly outlined Risk quantification strategy will identify the level of unacceptable risk where actions are required to mitigate it. A risk management framework for the JERICO-RI will ensure that adverse situations are properly managed along the evolution of the project. The framework documents the processes, tools and procedures that will be used to manage and control those events that could have a negative impact. It exposes the proposed risk management approach of the project for managing and controlling all project risks. Moreover, this plan will address the roles and responsibilities of the RI management, risk identification, as well as risk assessment and mitigation plans.

This task will outcome on a dedicated short report as MS4.5 (M34) to specify the risk management framework reference document for the JERICO-RI project, enabling the management team to ensure that adverse situations are mitigated and properly managed during the evolution of the project. The work will benefit of dedicated workshops organised in the series of yearly and biyearly meetings (see WP7).