JERICO-DS: Task 4.2

Task 4.1: User and stakeholder strategy
Task 4.2: Design of national commitment framework
Task 4.3: Socio Economic Impact Assessment
Task 4.4: Design of Research Infrastructure Funding plan
Task 4.5: Financial Risk Assessment and Mitigation Strategy
Task 4.6: Business plan design for the JERICO-RI

Task 4.2: Design of national commitment framework


This task will establish a roadmap for capturing and tracking national commitments to observing Europe’s coastal seas. Strong linkages with the emerging Operations Committee of the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) will be established by assigning JERICO-RI representatives to this Committee for the duration of the Design Study. Coordination of Global Ocean Observing System activities are undergoing enhancement at present and the roadmap will include an assessment of GOOS national coordination for each country represented in JERICO-RI. The ultimate aim of such a task (post-project) is to have a strong coastal observing element embedded in national coordination mechanisms aligned with GOOS.

The scope of National Infrastructures being included in JERICO-RI will also be defined. This task will progress thanks to the organisation of workshop on long-term national commitment framework (MS4.1) soon in the project (M7) and it will feed the deliverable D4.2 at month M24.