JERICO-DS: Task 3.7

Task 3.1: e-JERICO requirements compilation
Task 3.2: Policies of e-JERICO
Task 3.3: Technical design of e-JERICO
Task 3.4: Preparation for e-JERICO operation
Task 3.5: e-JERICO data lifecycle management
Task 3.6: Preliminary definition of Key Performance Indicators for e-JERICO
Task 3.7: Design of the e-JERICO implementation roadmap

Task 3.7: Design of the e-JERICO implementation roadmap

(M12 – M36) (SOCIB, SMHI, All nations)

This task will create the e-JERICO Strategic Plan that will establish clear initiatives for action plans to (1) fulfill the implementation phase of the e-needs for the ESFRI roadmap 2021, (2) implement the e-JERICO technical design and operational plan, and (3) allow and encourage evolution of scientific and technical requirements for future implementations.

The outcomes from Task 3.1 e-JERICO Requirements, Task 3.2 Policies, Task 3.3 Technical Design, Task 3.4 Operational Plan, Task 3.5 e-JERICO added value products data management plan, and Task 3.6 KPIs, will be incorporated in the e-JERICO Strategic Plan during the development of the overall Business Plan created in Task 4.8-D4.3.

The e-JERICO capability development, and progress along the e-JERICO implementation roadmap, will be communicated through the consortium and the user community as part of the JERICO-RI communication strategy (Task 6.4).

Milestone: Draft e-JERICO strategic plan (M24)


  • T3.7 – D3.5: Outlined e-JERICO Strategic Plan for implementation (M36)