Task 9.1

Task 9.1: Day To Day Management
Task 9.2: Financial Follow-Up
Task 9.3: General Assembly And Technical Reporting
Task 9.4: Committees
Task 9.5: Quality Assurance Plan
Task 9.6: Other Management-Related Issues

Day To Day Management

Lead: IFREMER (Patrick Farcy)

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The project Coordinator is responsible for the technical, financial and administrative management on a day-to-day basis.

In order to ensure an efficient and active management of these tasks, the project office composed with Ifremer people including the coordinator. Ifremer will be mainly in charge of:

  • Managing the delivery and the follow-up of administrative and financial documents.
  • Being a permanent contact point for all the partners regarding their participation in the project.
  • Organizing the meetings, Kick Off, annual and final ones. Organising the Steering committees meetings.
  • Following up actions and decisions.
  • Based on Steering Committee decisions, managing the changes in the grant and consortium agreement.
  • Creating common working and reporting tools.

The aim is to ensure that the technical objectives are fulfilled and the project is completed within the approved budget.

For the control of costs, the consortium will follow the Commission requirements, including:

  • Monitoring cost performance to detect deviations from plan.
  • Ensuring that all appropriate changes are recorded accurately in the cost baseline.
  • Preventing incorrect, inappropriate, or unauthorized changes (towards contract).
  • Informing the EC.


D9.1) Signed consortium agreement [month 6]

D9.2) Quality assurance plan inc. guidelines, best practices, project handbook [month 6]

D9.3) Final project report (activity financial, societal) [month 48]