Task 5.7

Task 5.1: Data policy and distribution
Task 5.2: Integration of biological data
Task 5.3: Platform registration and metadata management system
Task 5.4: Interoperable data flow from in situ measurements to archiving in data centers
Task 5.5: Enhancement of Quality Control procedures for sensor based biochemical data
Task 5.6: Definition of Quality Control procedures for HF Radar data
Task 5.7: Scientific calibration procedures on gliders data collection
Task 5.8: Linking JERICO-NEXT activities to a Virtual Access infrastructure 

Scientific calibration procedures on gliders data collection

Lead: SOCIB (Charles Troupin)

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The spatial and temporal resolutions of coastal data and their quality are of crucial importance to adequately respond to scientific and societal challenges. Accordingly, to validate these data for analysis, several well-established procedures should be applied before, during, and after every mission. Now that multi-platform observations are more and more common, it is essential that calibration and inter-calibration procedures are routinely included in the validation process.

Also important is the analysis and correction of long-term sensor drifts using a careful comparison with measurements acquired by other platforms and instruments in the same region, during a sensibly common period.

This task specially focuses on post-mission calibration of glider CTD data (referred to as scientific calibration from now on): while the scientific calibration procedure is already established for Argo profilers, it still has to be standardized for gliders: information concerning the calibration recorded in the metadata file, creation of the corresponding adjusted/completely calibrated variables and assignment of their associated error.

The archival of delayed-mode calibrated glider data is another problem to address. The information required in the file metadata has to be precisely defined in order to guarantee the traceability of the processing.


D5.15: Guideline for the scientific calibration of glider data (M36)