Task 5.4

Task 5.1: Data policy and distribution
Task 5.2: Integration of biological data
Task 5.3: Platform registration and metadata management system
Task 5.4: Interoperable data flow from in situ measurements to archiving in data centers
Task 5.5: Enhancement of Quality Control procedures for sensor based biochemical data
Task 5.6: Definition of Quality Control procedures for HF Radar data
Task 5.7: Scientific calibration procedures on gliders data collection
Task 5.8: Linking JERICO-NEXT activities to a Virtual Access infrastructure 

Interoperable data flow from in situ measurements to archiving in data centers

Lead: CNR-ISMAR (Giuseppe Manzella)

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One of the preliminary actions identified to pull resources and infrastructures together is the provision of information on instruments, platforms, data transmission procedures, quality assurance and quality control to assign a degree of confidence to data. Procedures will be established on the base of the international agreed policies and standards (e.g. IOC, ICES, WMO, ISO, INSPIRE). Five actions have been defined to assure basic interoperability for a multidisciplinary – multiplatform data collection:

  • Define common best practice concepts (quality assurance and quality control) to guarantee metadata completeness and data quality (together with 5.3, 5.5, 5.6, and 5.7).

  • Metadata definition and management to include physical, chemical and biological variables.

  • Review data flow from the already existing European infrastructures to JERICO-NEXT.

  • Establishment of standardized data management procedures and data flow from real-time to validated datasets via interoperable infrastructure and different QC time points (according to the nature of the parameter, i.e., physical, chemical or biological). 

  • Harmonization of quality control procedures for oxygen and other biogeochemical sensors with SCOR WG 142.


D5.9 Report on data management best practices including generic data and metadata models for  multidisciplinary data (M20) This document will include description of procedures for Real Time / Delayed mode data flow from platforms to shore

D5.10 Report on harmonisation with SCOR working groups (M36)