Tallinn University of Technology

Short name: TalTech
JERICO-S3 contact name: Urmas Lips
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JERICO-DS contact name: Taavi Liblik
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Brief Description of Organisation:

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education and research creating synergy between the technological, natural, exact, economic, and health sciences. Department of Marine Systems is an education, research and development unit in the School of Science of TalTech and employs about 60 persons. Research topics of the Department are related to marine physics, ecology, pollution control, coastal planning, remote sensing and mathematical modelling. The Department conducts open sea monitoring as a part of the national monitoring program and assists the Ministry of the Environment in the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) in Estonia and works closely with HELCOM (Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - Helsinki Commission). The Department has tasks regarding the assessment of the status of marine waters both at the national and regional level. TalTech has long experience in using research vessels, ferryboxes, buoy-based and bottom-mounted vertical profilers, gliders and other automated devices. The Department is a leading national body in operational oceanography and is a member of EuroGOOS, BOOS, FerryBox, EGO, and Copernicus marine service consortia. The Department also has considerable experience regarding marine data management and harmonization and hosts oceanographic databases in Estonia.

JERICO-S3: Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

TalTech will contribute to WP2, WP4 and WP8. In WP2 our task is related to stakeholder involvement (HELCOM). In WP4, our observational system consisting of a ferrybox, glider Mia, autonomous buoy-based and bottom-mounted profiling stations, wave buoy, etc. will be an integral component of the Pilot SuperSite in the Gulf of Finland. Likewise, we contribute to the further development of services based on in-situ and model data analysis. We develop a tool for the routine assessment of the environmental status based on deepwater oxygen conditions. We also demonstrate how to integrate autonomous data (Pilot SuperSite data) into the regional (HELCOM) assessments. In WP8 (TNA), we provide two systems - Keri bottom-mounted station plus ferrybox and buoy-based profiler and glider for transnational access and Keri station and in WP11 (VA) Tallinn-Helsinki ferrybox as virtual access e-infrastructures.

JERICO-DS: Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

Taltech will co-coordinate the WP6 and lead the task 6.3 (communication design dedicated to Stakeholders). Likewise Taltech will co-lead other tasks in WP6. Taltech will gather national information for WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5.

Relevant Projects- previous and existing:

1. Integrated carboN and TracE Gas monitoRing for the bALtic sea (BONUS INTEGRAL, 2017-2020).
2. An alliance of European marine research infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the research and industrial communities (EurofleetsPlus, 2019-2023).
3. EMODnet Sea Basin Checkpoint project Lot no 3 Baltic (Baltic Sea Check Point – BSCP; 2015-2018).
4. Towards improved Baltic Sea environmental assessment and monitoring (BONUS SEAM, 2018-2020).
5. Innovative approaches to monitoring and assessing marine environment and nature values in Estonian sea area (IMAGE, 2019-2021).


Ehitajate tee 5, 12616 Tallinn, Estonia