Fluidion SAS

Short name: FLUIDION
Contact name:  Andreas Hausot
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Brief Description of Organisation:

Fluidion is a high-technology company providing innovative, self-contained, autonomous sample collection and real-time analysis solutions for environmental and water quality monitoring. Protected by multiple international patents, the technology relies on integration of microfluidic circuits and hydraulic micro-actuators batch manufactured using silicon MEMS technology. Fluidion addresses the pollution monitoring and water quality markets, from the urban setting (drinking water, rain water and sanitation) to the natural environment (lakes, rivers, coastal waters and ocean waters), to large industrial sites (chemical facilities and nuclear plants).

JERICO-Next: Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

The ocean is an essential part of our environment, providing shelter to a diverse and rich ecosystem, being the principal source of food for billions of people, acting as the largest natural greenhouse gas scavenger, and acting as an economic driver for activities as diverse as the fishing industry and tourism.

Accurate low cost pH measurements are essential to understand effects of green house gas on the health of the ocean (through CO2 acidification), and to protect important economic benefits. As part of Jerico NEXT fluidion will develop a high-accuracy pH sensor based on in-line Ag/AgCl electrode with periodic in-situ spectrophotometric calibration, that will insure a combination of high resolution. Fluidion will also perform testing and metrological characterization of the sensor, in conjunction with Ifremer.

Relevant Projects- previous and existing:

French government-sponsored Startu-Up prize for developing environmental sampler and analyser for river applications (low pressure).

Paris-region financed project for experimentation of river sampler with local water company. 

City of Paris financed project to develop test bench for high pressure MEMS sampler.

Project SWN – FEDER-funded project for developing multiparameter water quality sonde.

Project MICADEAU – French academic-industry partnership to develop high-accuracy microfluidic chlorine sensor.


Fluidion SAS

231 Rue St Honore

75001, Paris