Short name: UPC
Contact name:  Joaquin del Rio
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The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech (UPC) is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research, specialised in the fields of engineering, architecture and science. UPC’s research, teaching and management projects are based on the principles of freedom, justice, democracy, solidarity, cooperation, sustainability, efficiency, transparency and social responsibility. They also reflect the University’s commitment to the environment and to change. With a focus on intellectual rigor, critical thinking, a transversal approach to knowledge, educational innovation and entrepreneurship, the UPC produces competent professionals with the skills they need to tackle present and future challenges. The University harnesses the potential of basic and applied research, and transfers technology and knowledge to society.

Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

UPC will contribute to JERICO NEXT under WP7 offering OBSEA seafloor observatory under TNA. 

Contributions to WP5 about data management and data quality control of data acquired in fixed and underwater cabled observatories.

Relevant Projects- previous and existing:

FP6 ESONET NoE – FP7 Nexos – FP7 FixO3 – EMRP Meteomet 2 – FP7 Jerico