Short name: MARIS
Contact name:  Dick Schaap
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MARIS originates from a governmental initiative in the Netherlands to improve the overview and access of data, information and knowledge about the sea. The MARIS foundation was established in 1989, and established the MARIS company, which has been active since 1996. MARIS develops and manages projects and internet systems for management and provision of marine and ocean data. MARIS is very much involved in the development and implementation of the Pan-Europese infrastructure for ocean and marine data. MARIS is engaged in a series of EU projects in the domain of marine data management, often as coordinator resp. technical coordinator. MARIS is very active in the implementation of the European marine observation and data network (EMODNet) as technical harmoniser. MARIS develops and operates infrastructures, dynamic web portals, internet applications, including mobile apps, incorporating databases, content management systems, mapping services, sensor web enablement, responsive design, crowd sourcing, and with support for multiple platforms.

Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

Contribute with expertise concerning marine data management, use of SeaDataNet standards, and formulation of data management approach for JERICO adopting and adapting SeaDataNet standards and services.

Relevant Projects- previous and existing

At present MARIS is:

1. technical coordinator of EU FP7 SeaDataNet 2 (2011 – 2015), developing and operating a pan-European infrastructure for marine and oceanographic data, based upon the network of NODC’s. Includes development and implementation of common standards for metadata and data formats, vocabularies, and retrieval, delivery and visualisation services

2. technical coordinator of EU FP7 ODIP (2012 – 2015), developing an Ocean Data Interoperability Platform between leading EU, USA and Australian organisations and infrastructures, aiming at common standards and interoperability solutions

3. technical coordinator of EU EMODNet Chemistry 2 (2013 – 2016), aiming at gathering marine chemistry monitoring data for all European sea basins, using the SeaDataNet infrastructure, and developing and publishing basin-scale data products

4. coordinator of EU EMODNet Bathymetry (2013 – 2016), aiming at gathering marine bathymetry survey data for all European sea basins, using the SeaDataNet infrastructure, and developing and publishing a medium resolution unified digital bathymetry for all European sea waters

5. partner of EU EMODNet Physics 2 (2013 – 2016), aiming at providing unified overview and access of physical oceanography data from monitoring stations, in near real-time and long term archives, by developing and operating a dedicated portal service, overarching the SeaDataNet, EuroGOOS ROOS’s and In-situ TAC of Copernicus Marine Service.