Short name: CEFAS
Contact name:  Veronique Creach
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Cefas is involved with WP 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, and 8. Cefas is an internationally renowned aquatic scientific research and consultancy centre. CEFAS aim to be the prime source of high quality science used to conserve and enhance the UK’s aquatic environment, promote sustainable management of its natural resources, and protect the public from aquatic contaminants. CEFAS has a staff complement of over 500 based at two specialist laboratories within the UK, and our own ocean-going research vessel, RV Cefas Endeavour. Cefas works closely with the UK government and international agencies to monitor the marine environment and to demonstrate our compliance with national and international marine legislation. CEFAS is actively looking for methods that can improve our evidence base, are fully transparent at all stages, are robust enough to withstand scrutiny, and are cost-effective.

Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

WP1 – lead subtask on Literature review and contribute to other subtasks

WP2 – participate in workshops and laboratory exercises with regard to performance of ph and dissolved oxygen sensor performance

WP4 –work on pelagic biodiversity and participation in workshops

WP6 – leader, work coordinating Virtual Service Access

WP7 – co-lead, work coordinating Transnational Service Access

WP8 – Leader of WP and co leader for task on creating and end-user panel, lead sub task to ‘inform and engage professional end-users, co-leading task on enhancing human capacity building, leading sub task on developing peer links with international consortia.

Relevant Projects- previous and existing:

Development of UK-Integrated Marine Observing Network (UK-IMON) Defra 2012 – 2014 Research to improve understanding and assessment of ecosystem health Defra 2009 – 2013 European COastal-shelf sea OPerational monitoring and forecasting system (ECOOP) EU GMES 2006-2010. Joint European Research Infrastructure for Coastal Observatories – Jerico 2011-2015. MyOcean EU 2010-2014.