Blue Lobster

Short name: BL
Contact name:  Simon Keeble
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Blue Lobster IT Ltd is an award winning Web & Software Agency, specialising in Web Technologies, GIS, Data Analysis and Presentation, Information Products and Dissemination and Outreach with a strong bias toward the Marine and Environmental Sectors.

Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

Blue Lobster IT Ltd will lead WP8 (Outreach, Communication and Engagement). BL will be responsible for the design, development, maintenance and hosting of the Jerico website and its integrated communication portals for the dissemination of project products, services, data, and information for targeted end user groups (T8.2).

BL also have a key role in communicating and engaging with society (T8.3) and participate in the production of products and information for a suite of professional end user groups (T8.4). BL will also contribute to the end-user panel for the co-production of knowledge (8.1) and co-lead the integaration of a data portal onto the Jerico website (T8.8).