Workshop – A CNN workflow to automate flow cytometry gating

20/06/2022 24/06/2022

Workshop for automating the gating of marine phytoplankton cells as observed with the Cytosense pulse shape recording flow cytometer, 20-24th June 2022, Marseille, France.

The workshop is related to Best Practices for Sensors and Data Management for biological information and will follow the approach published recently in Limnology and Oceanography by Robin Fuchs and collaborators entitled “Automatic recognition of flow cytometric phytoplankton functional groups using convolutional neural networks”.

The workshop will be led by Robin Fuchs, phD Student at the Mathematic and Mediterranean Institutes of Marseille, in collaboration with Maurice Libes (OSUPYTHEAS) and Nolan Lezzoche (LOG-MIO, CNRS). 

More information is available below and the required settings for processing the codes will be sent to the registered participants before the workshop. Please fill the doodle to make this event as successful as possible (before June, 10th):

Station Marine d'Endoume

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