Technical meeting of JELAB sub-task 3.3.1 of WorkPackage 3


Ifremer centre de Bretagne – Brest – France 

Research and Development Group

To initiate and organize the startup of the development of the Jerico-Next JELAB coastal float, the technical team of the sub task has met at Ifremer Brest October 6th. M. Monty Priede (HCMR) and M. Manolis Ntoumas (HCMR in cooperation with M. Serge Le Reste (Ifremer REM/RDT/I2M) and M. Xavier Andre (Ifremer REM/RDT/I2M) (Ifremer floats specialists) have established the schedule of the main steps to reach the goal. Further this meeting,  M. Monty Priede and M. Manolis Ntoumas were going to meet  the NKE company which will deliver the coastal float and that will become, up to Jerico-Next, this adapted and innovative JELAB float dedicated to water column and sea bottom observation. 

Picture meeting

From left to right :

– Serge Le Reste (Ifremer REM/RDT/I2M)

– Monty Priede (HCMR)

– Manolis Ntoumas (HCMR)

– Xavier Andre (Ifremer REM/RDT/I2M)

– and Laurent Delauney behind the camera 

Ifremer centre de Bretagne

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