Interoperability of Technologies and Best Practices: in situ applications to nutrient and phytoplankton fluorescence measurements

04/12/2018 06/12/2018

Marine community is progressing towards harmonization of technologies and operating practices relating to similar measurements. In that context, the ATLANTOS project and the JERICO-RI  consortium are jointly organizing this workshop (see attached agenda + information).

The goal is to improve the level of interoperability for in situ nutrient measurements and chlorophyll-fluorescence observations. The workshop builds on the results of previous interoperability workshops.

It is organized in 2 parts as it follows:

  • Sharing experience on nutrient measurements in the laboratory and in situ, Best Practices measurements (Part 1).
  • Automated chlorophyll fluorescence observations: needs for metrology, quality control of the in situ measurements,harmonized archiving and flow of the data towards EU channels (Part 2)


Registration is free and on a “first come – first serve” basis to welcome 40 participants at maximum, 20 participants in each group.

Registration will close as soon as the number of attendees is reached after the 7th of Nov. 2018 and not later than the 18th Nov. 2018.

For non Ifremer attendee: register here <>

For Ifremer attendee: register here <>

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