European Maritime Day 2024

30/05/2024 31/05/2024

European Maritime Day (EMD) 2024 will be held 30-31st May 2024, in Svendborg, Denmark.

European Maritime Day (EMD) is an annual two-day event serving as a focal point for Europe’s maritime community to convene, network, and collaborate on actions promoting maritime affairs and a sustainable blue economy.

As the gathering where ‘Ocean Leaders Meet’, EMD offers an interactive platform to delve into discussions on diverse issues concerning the blue economy and marine environment. With engaging speakers, thematic sessions, stakeholder workshops, and pitch sessions organized by both stakeholders and the European Commission, EMD aims to propel conversations forward. This event is tailored for professionals from businesses, governments, public institutions, NGOs, academia, and EU citizens passionate about the sea.

EMD 2024

Svendborg, Denmark

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