AtlantOS Ocean Hour: Impacts of Marine Heat Waves and Cold Spells in the Atlantic Ocean


The next AtlantOS Ocean Hour will take place on July 20th from 10:00 to 11:00 EDT as a virtual event.

Zoom link:

The focus of the event will be Marine Heat Waves.

Speakers and panelists:

Dr. Regina Rodrigues, Dr. Filippos Tagklis, Dr. Tatiana Rynearson


Marine heatwaves (MHW) are extreme climatic events in oceanic systems that can have devastating impacts on ecosystems, causing abrupt ecological changes and socioeconomic consequences. Marine heat waves are happening more frequently, with predictions of many parts of the ocean reaching a near-permanent MHW state by the late 21st century. Some of the topics for discussion here include 1) Marine heat waves and current updates on ocean conditions around North and South Atlantic and 2) The future of marine heat waves, including efforts to understand and predict future impacts.

Following the event, there will be an opportunity to network using

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This is a Virtual Event
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