Short name: DMI
Contact name:  Jun She
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Brief Description of Organisation:

DMI was founded in 1872. Now, more than 125 years later, DMI has a staff of 250 employees, and an annual turnover of 250 million Danish kroner. DMI provides meteorological, oceanographic and related services for the community within the large geographical area of the Kingdom of Denmark (Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland), including surrounding waters and airspace. DMI’s area of activity comprises forecasting and warning services as well as continuous monitoring of weather, sea state, climate, and related environmental conditions in the atmosphere, over land and in the sea. DMI is member of WMO, ECMWF, EUMETNET and EuroGOOS. DMI is also Danish national representative of GEO. DMI’s major scientific expertise on ocean science covers a wide area in wave, ocean, ice and biogeochemical fields, especially for Baltic-North Sea and Arctic region, both in synoptic and climate scales, and both in remote sensing and modeling perspectives. DMI also holds strong expertise in data assimilation and optimal design of observational networks.

JERICO-S3: Main tasks attributed under Work Packages:

lead and work on task of regional connectivity and multiscale dynamics in estuary-coast continuum, evaluate impacts of JERICO-RI on Baltic Sea operational oceanography.

Relevant Projects- previous and existing:

1. ODON: Optimal Design of Observational Networks: FP5 project,
2. ECOOP: European Coastal and Shelf Sea Operational Oceanography: FP6 project,
3. CMEMS: MyOcean Board, BAL MFC leader
4. BOOS Chair; EuroGOOS SAWG Chair
5. EMODnet: Steering Committee, Baltic Sea Checkpoint project coordinator