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Short title2: SpiArcBase

Link to website: https://spiarcbase.epoc.u-bordeaux1.fr/


SpiArcBase is a software developed for the treatment of Sediment Profile images (SPIs). Sediment Profile Images (SPIs) are widely used for benthic ecological quality assessment under various environmental stressors. The processing of the information contained in SPIs is slow and its interpretation is largely operator dependent. SpiArcBase enhances the objectivity of the information extracted from SPIs, especially for the assessment of the apparent Redox Potential Discontinuity (aRPD). This software allows the user to create and manage a database containing original SPIs and corresponding derived pieces of information. Once you have downloaded it, you can ask for help and stablish a helpdesk.


CNRS/University of Bordeaux

Contact name: Alicia Romero Ramirez, Guillaume Bernard

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Sediment profile images; Benthic ecological quality assessment; Image analysis softwareApparent Redox Potential Discontinuity