SOCIB Data Centre Multi Platform Observatory

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SOCIB – Balearic Islands Coastal Ocean Observing and Forecasting System – data from across the multi-platform SOCIB network is made available for science, society and policy makers

Short title2: SOCIB Data Centre Multi Platform Observatory

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Oceanographic and model forecast data is available in real time and delayed mode from across the SOCIB facilities. Including physical and biogeochemical variables from platforms such as moorings, gliders and floats, surface HF Radar providing real time surface currents, monitoring of beach evolution through video cameras and forecasts for sea state and currents from the SOCIB operational regional ocean model (WMOP). The data can be accessed through the individual platform and modelling facilities or via the Data Centre Facility. In addition a variety of interactive tools to help visualise the data can be found under the SOCIB Apps section. The current platform deployments and realtime data can be followed through the DAPP web Application, also through the SOCIB App for Smartphones (Android and IPhone), through the Fixed Station Facility and through the Beach Monitoring Facility for coastal applications. All data are available for download.


SOCIB Data Centre Facility

Contact name: Joaquim Tintore and Emma Heslop

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Location: Balearic Islands


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<argo profiler>
<surface currents>
<current profiler>
<tide gauge>
<weather stations>
<sea level>
<waves recorder>
<multiparameter probe>

<fixed stations>
<beach monitoring>
<data centre>
<ocean forecast>
<research vessel>
<lagrangian platforms>
<HF radar>

<open data>
<follow the glider>

<ocean observation>