Transnational Access (TA)

Transnational Access (TA): First Call Closing Date : Monday November 16th 2020 @5pm CET

The Jerico RI is pleased to announce its first Jerico S3 Transnational Access call which opened on June 2nd 2020  will  now close on Monday November 16th @5pm CET

The primary objective of Transnational Access (WP8) is to provide smooth and efficient access to JERICO-S3 Research Infrastructures and Resources for researchers or research teams from academia and industry using EU funded instruments. The call offers funding support for Transnational Access to a number of unique European Coastal Observatories and Calibration Facilities for international research and technology development. The infrastructures available to access include fixed platforms,gliders,cabled observatories, ferryboxes, calibration labs and a range of specialist equipment. The infrastructures provided are pan European, covering all of Europe’s coastal seas from the Arctic to the Mediterranean.

The detailed procedures for the assessment of TA applications, the common rules, FAQs and access conditions to the infrastructures may be accessed on the Jerico RI website. All potential TA applicants are advised to contact the respective facility providers to discuss the facilities available,scheduling, planning and logistics to access the infrastructures and services available through Transnational Access.

***Please Note***Due to Corona-COVID-19 travel restrictions and health risks TA Activities may be delayed or adapted – please contact the respective Facility Providers for updates on timing and feasibility. All other Transnational Access queries can be directed to:  

jerico (dot) ta (at) marine (dot) ie